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The notion of bringing Zouyu to life was stem from past designing work I exposed to and the latter merchandise design for my family business in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chimpanzee Brand Medicated Oil, ChimpOIL).

Zouyu Art startup seems to have found the right partner to complement a versatile business-to-be that helps to incorporate more personalized or handmade choices for our customers. Zouyu's design ideas continue to augment. This was an experience that I was all too familiar with.

— Desmond Cheong, Designer cum Traditional Herbalist & Online Marketer


Little About Zouyu
Zouyu was named after a legendary, tiger-like creature mentioned in old Chinese literature to represent its unique features. The legendary animal gives us the freedom to enhance its full characteristics based on a few mentioning facts in Chinese legend.

Zouyu (Simplified Chinese: 驺虞; Traditional Chinese: 騶虞; pinyin: zōuyú), was mentioned in an earliest dictionary as a kind animal in history--A white color tiger with black striped but a tale longer than its body. Its diet consists of only eating meat that was died from natural dead. 

Zouyu aimes to find sustainable ways to grow, while protecting the planet and the resources we have left.

Moving towards a more environmentally friendly future

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Wear something different with a design by Zouyu. You can add your personalised name, text or photo using customizable editor provided by our partners with a drag and drop interface. Make a gift as gifts to yourself or your friends.

Thanks to the digital era and the inevitable rise of ecommerce, the demand for customized designs from Malaysia are made possible to reach the US and other parts of the world, directly print and ship from warehouse in US. Zouyu ART apparels & home collections are now available online and managed by our partners in USA.

We Ship Worldwide

Quality Product Range with in-house & customizable features
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